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Using Fring To Make Skype Out Calls On The iPhone and iPod Touch 2G

Learn how to use your iPod Touch or iPhone to make Skype Out calls to any phone number you want.

Published Feb 16, 2009 by lobo235
Last updated on Feb 17, 2009

Did you know that you can use your iPod Touch 2G to call any phone number you wish when you are connected to Wifi? Well, you can using a great free app called Fring. If you are an iPhone user you can also use Fring to call people without using your minutes when you are connected to Wifi. In this article we will explain what you need to do to get up and running with Fring and start calling.


You will need an iPod Touch 2G or an iPhone. The iPhone has a built-in microphone because it's a phone but if you have an iPod Touch 2G you have to buy a microphone because it doesn't come with one by default. I recommend buying Apple's Earphones with Remote & Mic. These earphones not only function as earphones and a microphone but they have a remote on the right-ear wire that allows you to change the volume, pause/play, and skip next and previous. This is really nice to have with the iPod Touch especially if you have your device lock itself. I find it annoying having to unlock the device everytime I want to change the track or see what's currently playing. With the remote you don't have to unlock your device to change the track. I bought mine on since they have them for the same price as the Apple store but with free shipping and no Tax. Use the product link on the right to purchase the earphones from Amazon.


First, you will need to download the free Fring application from the iTunes App Store. Next, you will need to download Skype onto your PC or Mac and install it. You will then be able to create a Skype account from within the Skype software. Here is a link to download the latest version of Skype.

Buy Skype Out Credits

Skype out credits are purchased from Skype and allow you to dial any phone number you wish using Skype for about 2 cents a minute (US/Canada) or other low rates for other countries. You have to have credits in order to call regular phone numbers otherwise you can only call other Skype users or Google Talk users with Fring. Here is a link to buy Skype Out Credits. You will need to login to your Skype account and change your currency settings to make sure you buy the credits in the correct currency. If you purchase $10 of Skype Out Credit you will be able to talk for about 475 minutes to US/Canadian phone numbers which ends up being cheaper than most cell carriers.

Other Skype Details

Once you login at you can also configure your Caller ID number so that when you call people using your Skype Out credits you can have it look like the call is coming from your mobile phone. That way if they aren't able to answer they will know it was you who called and they will probably call you back on your mobile.

Placing Your Skype Out Call in Fring

You will need to setup Fring to use your Skype account. To do this you will need to know the username/password you used to sign up when you installed Skype on your computer. Go to the Dailer in Fring and then dial your number. There has been some confusion about dialing numbers in Fring using Skype Out. It is done differently than a regular phone. You must dial the number like so:

  • US/Canadian Numbers - Dial 001 <area code> <phone number>
    The country code for US/Canada is 1, hence the 001
  • UK - Dial 044 <area code> <phone number>
    The country code for UK is 44, hence the 044
  • Other Countries - follow the same guidelines above, just change the country code.

Need More Help?

If you have any problems please feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to respond quickly to help your resolve your problem.

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