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Electric Hedge Trimmers - Make Yard Work a Breeze

An electric hedge trimmer will make your yard work so much easier. This article discusses hedge trimmers and includes recommendations for specific hedge trimmers.

Published Jun 10, 2010 by lobo235
Last updated on Jun 10, 2010

In front of our house we have a row of boxwood shrubs that need trimming every year. In the past we have used hedge shears to get the job done and it was a very tedious job. This year we decided to purchase an electric hedge trimmer to get the shrubs trimmed quickly and we were truly amazed at how much better it was to use the electric hedge trimmer. Not only is it faster to use the electric hedge trimmer, it's also easier to shape the shrub into a desirable shape.

Electric hedge trimmers usually cost between $20 and $100 depending on the features they have. There are hedge trimmers designed for different purposes and shrub sizes. It is important to buy an electric hedge trimmer that will be able to perform the tasks you want it to. The key things you will want to consider when buying an electric hedge trimmer are blade length, motor strength, and whether or not the trimmer has an electric cord or a battery.

Blade Length

The larger your hedge or shrub is the bigger the blade on your electric hedge trimmer should be. This will allow you to trim the hedge/shrub faster and reach higher if you need to. A longer blade will not allow you to be as flexible in your hedge shaping as a shorter blade will. Shorter blades are able to cut more detailed shapes but take a long time to trim large shrubs and hedges. It's not uncommon to own two electric hedge trimmers of different sized blades so that you can roughly trim the hedge/shrub with the longer blade and then use a trimmer with a smaller blade to more precisely shape the hedge.

Motor Strength

Electric hedge trimmers with stronger motors are able to cut through thicker branches making them better for larger shrubs and hedges. A strong motor also adds extra weight which can make it difficult to use the trimmer for long periods of time. If your electric hedge trimmer's motor isn't strong enough to cut through the branches on your hedge you will find yourself having to use pruning shears or something else frequently which can take a lot more time.


Cordless trimmers are convenient because you don't have to worry about using an extension cord. This can also be a safety benefit as well because when we have used our electric hedge trimmer that has a cord we have almost cut the extension cord on multiple occasions. Battery-powered hedge trimmers can only be used when the batteries are charged which can make them less convenient at times. The batteries can also run low in the middle of your trimming forcing you to recharge before you are done. Electric hedge trimmers that have a cord generally have stronger motors too which can make your trimming an easier task.

Recommended Trimmers

Amazon sells a wide variety of electric hedge trimmers at great prices. We bought the Black & Decker Hedge Hog 24-Inch Hedge Trimmer that amazon sells and we have been quite pleased with our purchase. This is a very powerful corded trimmer that has easily chopped through every shrub we've thrown at it. It has very good customer reviews too.

For a medium-sized trimmer we would recommend the Black & Decker 18-Inch Hedge Trimmer because it also gets great reviews and still has a lot of power.

If you need a smaller trimmer the Black & Decker 6-Volt Cordless Electric Shrubber because it also get's great reviews and with it's 6-inch blade you can put the finishing touches on your shrub shapes.

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