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Double Sleeping Bags - Make Car Camping More Comfortable

A few good reasons for purchasing a double sleeping bag for car camping, including a review of an awesome double sleeping bag that I have used.

Published Jun 10, 2010 by fairymom
Last updated on Jul 11, 2017

I love camping.  Anticipation is half the fun of it.  I spend several days thinking about the enjoyable experience I am going to have in the cool mountain air, relaxing and connecting with nature.  I also spend a lot of time planning and preparing for my adventure.  I make lists of items to buy, items to pack, meals to prepare, and possible activities to pursue during my trip.  When "D" day finally arrives, it seems like there are always a million loose ends.  I find myself stopping at Wal-Mart on my way up the canyon to buy sunblock, bug spray, or treats for my kids. 

When I finally arrive at the campsite, my husband and I hastily erect our tent then try to get dinner started in the last vestiges of daylight.  By the time we have eaten (by the light of our lantern), cleaned up, and put jammies on the kids, I want nothing more than to snuggle in to my cozy sleeping bag and get a long night's rest in preparation for the full day I know is ahead of me.  However, I have a 19 month old baby, and he seems to share my idea.

Now, it's no secret that sleeping on the ground can be one of camping's worst discomforts, but sleeping on the ground, in a single sleeping bag, with a 19 month old baby, is probably one of life's greatest discomforts. If you think rocks can bend you out of shape, try feet in your back.   I have been through this experience when my oldest two were just babies as well.  After several summers of fun camping trips but horrendously uncomfortable nights, my husband came home with a genius idea that I wish we'd thought of sooner.  What if we had a GREAT, BIG sleeping bag?!?  

So the search for our great, big, spacious, double sleeping bag began.  Our search was very thorough.  We are sticklers when it comes to quality and looked for a nice sleeping bag with lots of cool features as well as a great value.  And we found it! The Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag is the one for me!!  When my husband showed me the pictures on Amazon, I thought I must be viewing some kind of optical illusion but when we unrolled our bag and slid inside, I was sold.  It really is THAT BIG! 

On our first camping trip this summer, we spent 3 fantastic nights snuggling in our sleeping bag, with the baby snoring right beside us.  When I anticipate camping now, my excitement isn't tainted by the dread of an uncomfortable night's sleep.  Instead, I look forward to sharing warmth in my spacious sleeping bag!

All About the Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

  • This bag is wonderfully spacious.  It is a family-size sleeping bag.  It can fit 2 adults and 1 child or up to 4 children.
  • The inside is so soft and snuggly.  It is lined with soft cotton flannel.  
  • It includes a shoulder baffle that tightens with a draw string around your shoulder for extra warmth as well as an adjustable mummy hood.  You can really stay warm in this sleeping bag.  It has a 0 degree temperature rating.  (Our first night out felt like 0 degrees, until we cuddled up in our awesome sleeping bag.  My husband is some sort of human space heater so he actually ended up unzipping his side.  Luckily, the bag is big enough that I didn't even notice and stayed comfortably warm on my side).
  • There are interior storage pockets for things like wallets, keys, etc. 
  • Although the sleeping bag is massive, It easily stores as a neat little roll in it's Oxford nylon compression sack.

Amazon offers it at a good price, especially for prime members.  They also include a lot of great pictures.  It's a wonderful family-size sleeping bag that I only wish I had found sooner!


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