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How To Disable Animated GIF Images in Messages in iOS 10

Some iPhone and iPad users may want to turn off the animated GIFs Images in the Messages app in iOS 10. We'll help you find a way to turn off this feature that may be inappropriate for children or people who don't want to see inappropriate images.

Published Sep 15, 2016 by lobo235
Last updated on Sep 15, 2016

With the release of Apple's new iOS 10 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad there are many new features that have been added to the Messages app which allow for a more interactive experience. One of these new features allows users to search for and send animated GIF memes to other users. There are many parents who may wish to turn off this Messages feature for their children due to the sensual and inappropriate nature of some of the animated GIF images. There is currently only one good option to remove that feature and that is to downgrade the Apple device to iOS 9. It would be really nice if Apple had thought about children when adding this new feature and seen the need to add a new restriction in the Restrictions Settings to allow parents to turn off this feature for their children. If you are upset about the lack of this feature like I am then send Apple some feedback using the form on this page: iPhone feedback.

Hopefully with enough comments and feedback from parents Apple will add restrictions for this new Messages feature but until then if you'd like to downgrade to iOS 9 here is a page that will give you those instructions: How to downgrade back to iOS 9 if you don't like iOS 10. Sadly, if you didn't make a backup in iTunes and archive it before upgrading to iOS 10, you will lose anything you have in your phone when you downgrade and you won't be able to restore a backup that was made using iOS 10. This is a good reason to always make sure you make an iTunes backup and archive it before doing any new major version iOS update in case you need to downgrade and you don't want to lose data in your phone, tablet, or iPod touch.

Apple provides some of the best restrictions for locking phones down for kids but they really dropped the ball on this one so be sure to use their feedback form to let them know that you'd like this new animated GIFs feature protected with a restriction in iOS 10. The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are great devices but if Apple doesn't make them safe for kids to use they will begin to lose a large group of consumers who purchase the devices for their children and want to use restrictions to make them safer. Apple and other device manufacturers have a social and ethical responsibility to do what they can to protect the youth of the world.

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