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How To Clean a Vinyl Fence

Some tips for removing dirt, spots, and stains from vinyl fencing

Published Jun 25, 2007 by lobo235
Last updated on Mar 20, 2008

Vinyl fencing has become quite popular in the last decade or so. It lasts longer than wood fencing does usually and does not require re-staining every year or two like wood fencing. With the cost of lumber on the rise, many homeowners opt to install a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are usually a lot easier to clean than wood fences. Follow these simple tips to get your vinyl fence sparkling clean.

The first thing to do when cleaning off your vinyl fence is to spray it down with a garden hose. You can use a spray nozzle on your hose to make this easier. When cleaning your fence, be sure to start at the bottom and go up in order to prevent streaking. This will remove most loose dirt, dust, and other filth easily without having to scrub the fence.

Anything left on the vinyl fence after spraying it with the garden hose should wipe off easily with a wet rag. For tougher spots you can mix dish washing detergent with water and use a rag to try and wipe the fence clean. Since vinyl fences have a very glossy and slippery surface they are usually easy to clean because they do not have a porous surface for dirt and other grime to stick to.

If your vinyl fence still won't come clean after completing the above steps then you are most likely dealing with some sort of unnatural stain from food, candy, ink, soot, etc. To remove stains like this from your vinyl fence you will need to mix up a water and bleach solution that should be able to get the vinyl back to it's smooth and shiny state. You won't need to use a whole lot of bleach; using a very diluted bleach mixture usually works fine. Even if your vinyl fence is not white you should be able to use bleach without altering the color of the fence.

If you have kids you may have discovered that most types of popsicles will stain vinyl fences. Don't freak out when this happens because by using the bleach solution the stain will come out easily. This is true for most stains caused by food.

For other types of stains including mildew, tars, oils, greases, asphalt, caulking compounds, wax, or crayon you will want to remove as much of the staining substance as possible using a wood or plastic scraper (nothing metal though because it will damage the fence). Then use the information in the following PDF file which was obtained from a vinyl fence company.


The PDF has additional information about most types of stains as well so it's a good read.

Update 03/20/2008:

I recently discovered the following vinyl cleaning products you can purchase online:

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