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About was founded by Justin Barlow in 1999. Back then a 3 page Microsoft Frontpage creation lived on the domain. Since then, the site has expanded greatly as we explore and use all the latest and greatest technologies on the web. At we realize that some of the tasks faced when creating web pages can be quite daunting. We write useful articles to help you understand how to use new web technologies and all the new methods webmasters are using.

The articles on this site come from 10+ years of web development and programming experience. During these 10+ years, Justin has worked in many capacities including the following: is currently looking for new contributors. If you have an article of your own to contribute that has not been published elsewhere (print or web) you can send it to us and we will give you full credit. We have a revenue sharing program which allows you to earn money from the articles you contribute. If you are interested, please contact us.

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