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Free iPhone Ringtone Pack

A collection of 29 free ringtones for the iPhone with instructions for using them.

Published Feb 24, 2009 by lobo235
Last updated on Feb 26, 2009

I recently set out to create a bunch of ringtones for my iPhone since I was sick of all the ones that come with the iPhone. I learned that you can create a ringtone from songs you download from iTunes using the iTunes 'Create Ringtone' option when you right-click the song. What many people don't know is that you can create your own ringtones from any sound file that iTunes can play. So i worked hard and built the following iPhone ringtones pack based on sounds from thefreesoundproject at The sounds are all licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License and attribution to those who created the sounds is provided at the bottom of this page.



Download the file on the right and decompress it to a new folder somewhere on your computer. Open iTunes. Drag all the .m4r files from the zip file into your iTunes library in the top left corner of iTunes and they will be added to a Ringtones folder. Make sure you change the settings for your iPhone to sync all Ringtones with iTunes.

The ringtones can be set for individual callers in your contact list and you can choose a default ringtone for everyone else. You can also use all the ringtones for alarms you setup in your Clock app.

Let us know if you run into any problems by writting a comment.


The files included in the iPhone ringtone pack are being used under
a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license. You can read a copy of this
license at

Many thanks to the talented people who take the time to share their work using

The following Files were downloaded on February 24, 2009 from

By Simon_Lacelle (
Ba-da-dum.wav (
Dun dun dun.wav (
By patchen (
Trickyhop abcd.wav (
By tobyk (
Medieval Fanfare.aiff (
By sleep (
dist_guitar_triplet.wav (
By jackstrebor (
Alarm Clock.aif (
By junggle (
scratch01.wav (
By acclivity (
TwoCows.wav (
TestTones.mp3 (
Basic Break.wav (
By Shades (
Laugh-child.wav (
By mich3d (
BigDogBarking_02.wav (
By daveincamas (
Siren.wav (
By sirplus (
extreme_alarm.wav (
By FreqMan (
old telephone bell (british version).wav (
Bell System Ringer Model 687A (8-70).wav (
By thanvannispen (
male_Thijs_loud_scream.aiff (
By lonemonk (
Approx 850 - Enthusiast Audience.wav (
By infobandit (
phone.wav (
By analogchill (
scream.wav (
By THE_bizniss (
door bell.wav (
By Freed (
BEL-E01-Tone.mp3 (
By Syna-Max (
war.wav (
By johnnypanic (
RoboChorus.wav (
By bebeto (
Rolling.wav (
By djduppy (
duppyGarage01b_126bpm.wav (
duppyBigBeat01_150bpm.wav (
duppyRainInUkraine01-140.wav (

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